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China's machine tool market growth trend strong market share will continue to break through

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2019-12-24 11:35

  In recent years, the consumption of machine tools in the world has increased by nearly 10% (in US dollars) on average every year. The scale of the international machine tool market has more than doubled in 20 years. Among them, the main driving force for growth is from Asia, where three fifths of international machine tool production in 2011 flowed into the region. With the continuous demand of China's economic development, the consumption of domestic machine tools will continue to grow. It is estimated that China's machine tool consumption will reach 38 billion US dollars in 2013.
  Investment in large-scale infrastructure in 2013 will drive China's economic growth, especially in high-speed rail, urban rail transit, airport and power grid expansion. With the acceleration of the modernization of China's industrial infrastructure, the demand for efficient modern manufacturing technology is increasing. As a result, China's machine tool procurement will continue to rise, with an expected increase of nearly 12% to US $38.1 billion in 2013. In addition, under the overall economic planning of national macro-control, China's machine tool market will increase by 14.2% to 389 billion yuan in 2014. This strong growth momentum will consolidate China's position as the world's largest consumer and producer of machine tools.

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