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Six key points of printing machine maintenance

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2019-12-24 11:25

Printing machine maintenance is divided into daily maintenance, weekly maintenance, monthly maintenance, quarterly maintenance, annual maintenance, etc., among which daily maintenance is done every day, and the purpose of maintenance is to extend the service life of the equipment and indirectly save the use cost of the company. At the same time, for some printing equipment maintenance can also play a role in avoiding production accidents. An equipment that is not frequently maintained is easy to cause major production accidents due to the damage of some parts. The purpose of this paper is to introduce six key problems in the daily maintenance of printing press.
Here are some key points of printer maintenance:
1、 Pressure roller
  If the press roll of the press is not clean, the printing pressure will be uneven in the production process. The common situation is that there is adhesive tape or dry ink on the pressure roller, so the height of the pressure roller will be higher, resulting in the increase of printing pressure. The common quality accident is that the printing is fuzzy and the article or pattern is not clear. So the pressure roller must be clean.
2、 Plate cylinder
  The plate cylinder is not clean, which will affect the plate pressure and printing pressure in the production process. The common cases are tape and dry ink, as well as concave convex phenomenon on the pad. Such production will directly increase the height of the printing plate, resulting in inconsistent height of the printing plate, resulting in printing blur, unclear dot, virtual shadow and so on.
3、 Each axis and screw rod
  Bearings and screw rods are mainly slotted units and paper feeding units. If the screw rods are not cleaned and oiled frequently, the bearings are easy to be damaged, thus affecting the life of the screw rods and bearings and the accuracy of production. If the pressure line bearing often does not add oil, it is easy to produce vibration. After the vibration becomes larger, the pressure line of the carton will produce the phenomenon of line explosion or line compaction. The maintenance of screw rod and bearing is the most important link.
4. Ground rail
  The cleaning of the ground rail is the most easy to ignore. If the ground rail of the printing machine is not cleaned for a long time, it will affect the parallelism of the printing unit. The non parallel ground rail of the unit directly affects the printing accuracy, so the high-end printing press has a very high requirement on the ground rail. So the track must be cleaned every day.
5、 Surface of anilox roll and ink tube
  The anilox roll is the heart of the printing machine. If the anilox roll is not clean, it will cause the phenomenon of white printing and inconsistent color. Therefore, the anilox roll must be cleaned and maintained every day instead of being blocked. The maintenance of anilox roll is a daily maintenance. When not using the anilox roll every day, the plate washing liquid or washing powder water should be used for circulation cleaning, so as to ensure the printing quality.
6、 Above machine surface and floor cleaning
  The biggest impact of equipment cleaning is that the machine is stopped for plate cleaning and printing is exposed. The surface of equipment in many factories is very clean, but the equipment and ground are full of dust. These dust will enter the printing ink or printing plate at any time in the production process, resulting in printing downtime and printing white.

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