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Congratulations to Nantai company on winning the vice chairman unit of Provincial Packaging Machinery Industry Association

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2019-11-22 09:23

Warmly congratulate Nantai company on winning the vice chairman unit of Guangdong Packaging Machinery Industry Association, which is the full affirmation and commendation of Guangdong food and Packaging Machinery Industry Association for the leading position of Nantai fine machinery company in the industry led by Chairman Li Mingkang. Wish Nantai company to strive for the upper reaches and continue to carry forward the model and role of the industry leader.

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China's four crane products are shortlisted among the top ten cranes in the world

According to the situation recommended by the construction machinery giants this year, the top ten list of the world's largest cranes was announced: First, the pride of made in China XCMG 88000 crawler crane is the world's largest crane, among all the cranes in the world at present, it is the best one in the world, and the domestic machine is finally boasting. XCMG 4000t crawler crane xgc88000 adopts the design of large span front and rear crawler Car + combined arm + combined turning device, which ensures the realization of large lifting capacity and powerful moment with the most reliable layout.