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Nantai participated in SINO Corrugated South 2020

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2020-09-25 16:07

SINO Corrugated South 2020, was originally scheduled to be held in April this year, but was postponed due to COVID-19. Finally, it was successfully held in Dongguan in July this year. Although due to the epidemic situation, foreign merchants could not participate in the exhibition, but the exhibitors still held great enthusiasm to prepare and participate in the exhibition.

The leaders of Nantai Company, including Director Li, GM Du, Ms. Feng and Mr. Ye, came to the site to guide the work and receive guests from all sides. Among them, Mr. Ye was also interviewed on the Corrugated industry live broadcast platform CORRFACE to talk about the current situation of the industry and the future development of the enterprise.  

Through the communication and interaction on the exhibition platform, we all felt the impact of the epidemic on domestic and foreign businesses. It is the best time for us to practice our internal skills and improve our management and product level.

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