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The shredder is mainly composed of a blade and a drive motor. The paper is fed from the middle of the intertwined blades and is divided into a lot of small pieces of paper for confidentiality. The relative secrecy awareness of developed countries is generally high. There are various "Information Secrecy Laws". The law stipulates that papers with personal and commercial information are not allowed to be transmitted or copied. Therefore, the longevity of shredders is endless. In recent years, shredders have also developed into high-end and intelligent. Not only can you shred paper, credit cards, CDs, etc., but also can break the U disk, hard disk and so on. Some shredders can implement automatic paper feeding without the need for manual paper feeding. More products have joined the wifi function to achieve remote control.

奥立思特 奥立思特

Regardless of how the shredder is revolutionized, the driving force of its drive —— motor must be used. One of the main products of our company is AC induction motor for shredder, permanent magnet DC motor, series motor and so on. At present, the market share of AC induction motors accounts for about 60% of the global market. The product has the advantages of low noise, long life and long working time, and is well recognized by customers in the industry.

奥立思特 奥立思特


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AC Motor 、PMDC Motor 、Brushless Motor 、Universal Motor 、Gearbox Motor

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