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Push Type Synchro Cutter


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ASM-1700 Push Type Synchro Cutter


Model ASM-1700
Paper type general paper jam
Paper weight 127-500g / m2
Roll size width 1600mm (maximum), diameter 1200mm (maximum)
Number of paper of run usually 2, can be multiple (optional, up to 10)
Cutting length 450-1350mm
Paper width maximum 1600mm
Running speed maximum 200m / min (could be changed by the length of paper cutting)
Paper cutting accuracy + / - 0.15mm or less (Zero run out of cutter shaft)
Tension control According to the web diameter control (open circuit mode), Disc brake, Tension 50-110kg / full
Paper splitting knife roller double knife, short single double knife available
Paper cutting device push type synchronous paper cutting (2 knives)
Power 380V / 50Hz
Air pressure 5kg / cm2, use dehumidified air
Setting place first floor
Introduction to the excellent performance of the machine——
Convenient operation:
※  The change of various sizes can be changed instantaneously 
※ Simple and convenient blade replacement operation

Superior quality:

 ※ Smooth and flat cut over other cutting devices

 ※ Reduce a lot of waste

 ※ Reduce the process of edge grinding and print directly to the printing machine



High efficiency:

※ For small size products, high-speed cutting can be carried out by installing 2 knives

※ Multi roll cutting at the same time (optional, up to 10 layers)

※ The paper feeding section and the paper receiving section are equipped with multiple paper tappers to make the paper receiving more orderly

※ Reduce the weight of rotor, reduce the consumption of motor = save power



Key Words:

AC Motor 、PMDC Motor 、Brushless Motor 、Universal Motor 、Gearbox Motor

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