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  • 名称: Flexo Printer – Flatbed Die-cutter Inline
  • 型号: NT1624 NT1628 NT1632
  • 上架时间: 2014-03-28
  • Views : 558

Flexo Printer - Flatbed Die-cutter Inline



Technical Data

NT1624 NT1628 NT1632
Maximun speed (sheet/min)
180 180 160
Maximun Peper size(mm)
1600×2400 1600×2800 1600×3200
Minimun Peper size(mm)
450×600 450×600 450×600
Maximun Size of Inverval Paper Feeding(mm)
2000×2400 2000×2800 2000×3200
Maximun Peinting Size(mm)
1600×2360 1600×2760 1600×3160
Standard Printing Thickness(mm)
7.2 7.2 7.2


Features in Performance

uAdvanced scientific design concept, passed the Europen CE certification, independent computer operation

table, stores orders, changes order quickly and easily. Vacuum transfer printing, bent paper can be

transferred precisely . Clearance, phase adjustment are controlled by computer and electric. Transmission

gears are madeof quality alloy steel, imported from Taiwan. All electronic and pneumatic components are

conformed to European standards. Suitable for coated paper and kraft linerboard.

uFlat-bed Die-cutting Machine with the latest servo-drive feeding system, wide range of paper feeding,

accurate die-cutting form E TO AB flute. Complete stripping by a pair of male and female stripping dies and

automatic grip edge waste removal system. Humanized, reliable performace, dual safety device design.

uOperation controlled by PLC. Paper status can be monitored by transducer of each section. Each part of

machine with oil filler hole for daily maintenance, bringing higer precisin and longer working life.




Feeding Section

uContinuous or skip feeding with counter.

uFour- shaft lead edge feeding system from America SUN AUTOMATION, enlarges the air suction, and

feeding stably and precisely.

uElectric adjusted feeding route, reduce the pressure of paper-pulling rollers.

uVacuum airflow and pressure by frequency control to much the carboard size.

uDe-dusting device: brush and air suction can clean the dust and dirt from the printing surface.

uPaper transfer by vacuum suction.

uStatic removing device(Optional).





Printing Section

uFull vacuum suction with rollers transmission system, high adaptability of bent board, transfer

more precise, improve chromatical precision, vacuum airflow by frequency control.

uDoctor blades or roller to roller inking system.

uPrinting phase, cross phase are controlled by computer and electric.

uClearance adjustment between rubber roller and anilox roller is controlled by computer and


uAuto changed cleaning device, guarantee ink recycle and clean more easily and quickly.

uAuto-restotation system after cleaning.

uEach removing section can be equipped with hot drying system.(Optional)





Sealing Groove Dual-doctor Blade Inking System

uSwaled chamber formed by two doctor blades, and ink loaded in the scrape cavity, scrape the excess

ink on the ceramic anilox roller surface, significantly improve the printing quality of monochrome color

dots and stacked color dots.

uPenumatic dual-diaphragm pump can supply ink circularly and changed ink can be auto-recycled.

uInk lacking auto-alarm device, avoids damaging to doctor-blade and ceramic anilox roller.



Cardboard Conveyor

uThe connect platform between Printer and Flat-bed Die-cutter, can realize line production.

uCutter’s feeding height, is controlled by hydraulic system.

uThe speed of the two-stage conveyor belts can be controlled automatically or manually, can be

synchronized with the speed of the printer or separate setting speed.

uThe paper side of the conveyor belt fitted with electric telecopic adjustment, can be adapted to

the different size carboard and transport to the stock platfrom of Flat-bed Die-cutter.

uEquipped with automatic vertical paper-beating structure, with the side paper-beating structure of

Flat-bed Die-cutter to guarantee the carboard to be stacked neatly.

uWith strip layering and lossless press wheel to auxiliary feed to ensure transport cardboard smoothly.





Features in Flat-bed Die-cutter


Feeding sectiion  

uThe latest servo-drive and vacuum suction belt feeding system (lead edge feeding system). This feeding

device helps large carboard move smoothly, improves operating and production ability. Hence, it can

guarantee feeding precision, and reduce the damage to paper strength.

uFeeding section is suitable for all kind of paper. A touch screen is used to adjust data.

uBig size front baffle and side baffle make carboard at right position, and provide higher precision.

uPaper leveling device is specially designed for bent board, stopping cardboard cover the front board.



Die-cutting section

uStable die–cutting performance guarantee the precision. Strong and suitable for high-speed operation

drive system assures the smooth movement of gripper bar.

uCutting frame self-locking system and air reducer for cutting steel plate are adopted. Transducer is set on

cutting frame to prevent the plate in wrong place which resulting defects brought by deflected creasing line.

uDie-cutting positioning device can realize quick locating and higher accuracy of die-cutting.

uThe die can be set to the hard cutting frame quickly and easily. This frame can carry with stainless

steel plate to extend service life.




Stripping section

uThe quick-seeting way of die is adopted; operator can finish the setting from exterior, without

entering the machine.

uMale and female die can be inserted into the machine from operation side to shorten the setup time

and for higher safety.

uUpper and lower frames make the dies succeed in performance. Male and female dies can move

up-an-down, making stripping more completely.

uA plastic film is set between die-cutting section and lower frame for stopping paper swerve. It can

be adjusted by moving hand crank according to the size on the dies operation direction.





Delively section

uFront and back barriers with side aligning device make receiving tidy.

uSide baffle and back barrier coordinate and can be adjusted by motor based on the size on

production direction.

uDelivery platfrom is driven by motor, easy for setting.

uTemporary receriving device controlled by servo-actuator makes delivery more simple and easy.


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