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Visiting Customer's Factory, Witness Equipment's Efficiency

Number of visits: Date:2016年1月25日 10:57

    Chairman Mingkang Li, Chairman Gaoqiaoxiaoping, executive director Hongfeng Sha, Vice president Zhiyi Feng and technical director Jianzhi Chen inspected Juxing Paper product limited Company on 19 August, 2015. The AP-165EII Automatic Platen Die-Cutting Machine which was purchased from our company recently was highly evaluated by Geneal manger Cheng of Juxing because of its 24-hours high speed, high quality and high stability. To produce the same amounts of products ,old machines need 120 people, while AP-165EII just needs 50. It saves a lot labour cost. 

AP-165EII produce state


Die-Cutting Section


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