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Nantai 2014- exceeded 2014!

Number of visits: Date:2015年4月9日 20:19

In 2014, January 17th, Foshan Nantai Precision Machine Technology Co., 2014 Spring Festival reunion dinner held in Ho restaurant!

The struggle in 2013, Southern Taiwan staff sweat, toil, ushered in the progress, achievements, the 2013 Southern through meaningful, progress, harvest, thank a year.
At seventeen thirty in the afternoon, the staff have admission, everyone with a smile of gratitude, and hope, and wrote 2014 wishes and blessing of the company!

Very honored this year we Nantai partners - Asahi machinery President Mr. Takahashi Takahira coming all the way from Japan to inspire and send the most sincere blessing! Nantai charismatic leader deputy general Li Rujian ebullience speech, summing up the past, planning for the future, let the staff confidence in the new year, and actively meet the challenges.

Company executives came to toast, opened a prelude to the dinner.

Nantai employees spontaneously organized singing a song "my brother" will we Nantai hearts tightly together.

The award of excellent employees and scenes of joy, pride, gratitude, kindness. Each stage to accept the award winners are all excited, proud to enjoy this honor belongs to myself.

The old and welcome, thank you to all the people in the south over the past year of hard work, our commitment in 2014, the South will be thankful, the carton machinery to do better more! Here to all customers: Southern family horse -- the money immediately, immediately happiness!

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