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Cooperate to Succeed — NANTAI New Plant Opening Ceremony

Cooperate to Succeed — NANTAI New Plant Opening Ceremony

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  • Time of issue:2020-03-21
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(Summary description)

Cooperate to Succeed — NANTAI New Plant Opening Ceremony

(Summary description)

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  • Time of issue:2020-03-21
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Cooperate to Succeed

——NANTAI New Plant Opening Ceremony and New Products Launch, NANTAI 37th

and ASAHI 101st Anniversary Celebration

In October when the golden autumn comes, Nantai Precise Machinery & Tech. Ltd., Foshan have

been established for 37 years and open new factory and launch new product and marks the 101st 

anniversary of establishment of our close partner Asahi Machinery Limited from Japan.

The morning event is chaired by Ms.Susan Fung, Vice President of Nantai.

First Welcome Speech by Mr.Li Mingkang, President of Nantai Precise Machinery & Tech.

Ltd., Foshan, who briefly revised his entrepreneurial process and the development history

of Nantai.

Mr. Li said Nantai have been developing 37 years with three main stages.


Initial Stage of Entrepreneurship:

In 1981, “Mingkang Carton Workshop” was founded, mainly producing various kinds of cartons.

In the same year, China’s likely first “Flat-bed Rotary Die-cutting Machine” was invented and carton

production was change from manual work to full mechanization, followed by a prompt surge in sales.

In 1984, “Mingkang Carton Workshop“ was renamed “Mingkang Carton Machinery Factory” and

its main business changed from carton processing to package machinery manufacturing. The leap

from making boxes to making machines is NANTAI’s first transformation and upgrading.


Initial Stage of Brand Establishment:

In 1992, “Mingkang Carton Machinery Factory” was renamed ”Nantai Packaging Machinery Factory”.

Meanwhile, the first water-based Flexo Printing Machinery in Mainland China was created.

As “NANTAI”formally became product brand, Li’s enterprise began focusing on branding.

This year witnessed NANTAI’s second transformation and upgrading. The booming sales of

Chain Feed Water-based Flexo Printing Machine earned NANTAI great fame and NANTAI developed

into a new stage. For a bigger development, in 1996, the enterprise moved to the new factory at New

Foping Road, Xiaxi, and developed the latest automatic Flexo Printing Slotting Diecutting Machine.


Stage of Brand:

In 2004, “Nantai Packaging Machinery Factory” was renamed “Nantai Precise Machinery & Tech. Ltd.”.

In the same year, NANTAI and Asahi Machinery Limited signed a strategic cooperation agreement,

utilizing advantages from both sides to produce sophisticated die-cutting machines. This year marked

NANTAI’s third transformation and upgrading. Therefore, NANTAI managed to produce high quality

product series including high-speed printing, slotting and diecutting machines and

automatic flatbed diecutting machines.


 President of NANTAI, Mr.Li Mingkang Speech



Subsequently, President of ASAHI Machinery Ltd, Mr.Kohei Takahashi gave a speech.

He introduced the past course of cooperation between ASAHI and NANTAI.

Mr.Kohei Takahashi said ASAHI has always attached importance to the development of

the Chinese market. The reason why ASAHI chose to cooperate with NANTAI 14 years ago

was convinced by Mr.Li's good reputation and entrepreneurship in the industry, and finally

decided to cooperate in the production of flat die cutting machines in China, and then

further into other business directions.

 President of ASAHI, Mr.Kohei Takahashi Speech


Subsequently, as a guest representative, General Manager of Sales of Nine Dragon Paper

(Holding) Limited, Mr. Zhang Duling, and Chairman of EverYoung Paper Limited, Mr. Feng Guoqiu,

gave a speech. They gave a high appraisal to NANTAI for many years leading the development

of flat die cutting and water-based printing technology in the industry. Thank NANTAI for

providing high-quality products and equipment for packaging & printing enterprises,

and contributed a lot to the progress of "Made in China" to “China’s Intelligent Made”.

 General Manager of Sales of Nine Dragon Paper, Mr.Zhang Duling Speech


 Chairman of EverYoung Paper, Mr.Feng Guoqiu Speech



During the celebration, painting and lion dance are presented.



Before the end of morning activities, clients and Mr.Li held the signing ceremony of

the new machine orders at the scene.


Subsequently, all guests had a factory visit

1) CNC process machines, provide micron scale accuracy (2 μm)


Since Nantai moved into Sanshui New Factory, its area has been greatly expanded. Two sets of top Japanese OKUMA CNC been operating at full speed, and a series of new CNC will be put into use in the near future.


2) New Type Automatic Flexo Printer & New Product: Push Type Synchro Cutter (Sheeter)

This New Flexo Printer is fully automatic, quick order change with ERP system, has been installed a lot in China and overseas countries.


This Cutter (Sheeter) has super high performance (0.1mm accuracy) , has been installed more than 180 sets in the world, said by Asahi Japan.




3) Automatic Flatbed Diecutter:

In the past fourteen years, NANTAI and ASAHI have cooperated sincerely to develop and produce a series of high-speed and precise automatic flatbed die-cutting machines. Taking this opportunity of new factory, their close cooperation will enter a new stage of high-speed development and meet new challenges in the future with new technologies.



In the afternoon, Deputy General Manager of Nantai, Mr. Ye Weisheng host the conference together with General Manager of Sales of Nine Dragon Paper, Mr. Zhang Duling, and Secretary-General of Shanghai Packaging and Printing Industry Chamber Commerce, Mr. Wang Haiming, and Chairman of EverYoung Paper, Mr.Feng Guoqiu, and big men in the packaging industry to discuss and share enthusiastically on “the current situation and development trend of China's packaging industry”.


The grand banquet was held at the Golden Sun Hotel in Foshan. President of Nantai, Mr. Li Mingkang, and President of Asahi, Mr.Kohei Takahashi and senior executives delivered enthusiastic speeches successively. They expressed their enthusiasm for many new and old customers to come to participate in celebration event of new plant & new product launch, and Nantai 37th anniversary and Asahi 101st anniversary. Congratulations!

President of Nantai, Mr.Li Mingkang, President of Asahi, Mr.Kohei Takahashi, Congratulations on win-win cooperation and resplendence!







The ensuing hot dance & band performances, recitation of music poems, awards and lucky draws brought the banquet atmosphere to a climax, with frequent toasts and extraordinary excitement.


Music poem recitationNantai Praise


47 colleagues have worked in Nantai more than 10 years gain

Loyalty Service Award》


8 colleagues have worked in Nantai more than 20 years gain

Professional Dedication Award》



Autumn symbolizes maturity and brings happiness to people. In the days to come, Nantai is eager to continue to work together to overcome the difficulties and play a new harvest symphony together! Cooperate to Succeed!


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