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Corporate Culture:

Company Motto:

Be an Honest Man. Do Steady Thing. 

Make Packaging Machinery Wholeheartedly. Make Friends Sincerely.

                                                 ——Li Mingkang 

Company Orientation:Sophisticated packaging machinery supplier

Brand Orientation:A leader in packaging machinery manufacturing industry

Product Orientation:Exquisite workmanship, Key to success


Corporate Purposes

Company's Purpose:Innovation, excellence

Corporate Philosophy:The nature of the universe can be described with the simplest words.  Wise men who understand would pass on it to normal people.

Company Vision:Unity makes strength, Play a leading role in industry

Company Objectives:Innovation-driven development, Boost industry for the society

Business Slogan:Detail is the key to success,Attitudes shape the future


  ↵Corporate Ethics

Core Values:Focus on originality, Keep exploring

Working Concepts:Strive for perfection

Human Resource Concepts:Talent-oriented, Virtue-based

Company Creed:To make money one must follow rules of business and moral principles

Corporate Spirit:Mutual benefit, Legal operation and surprising victories